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A Creative Charter for Older People

This is a collaboration with visual Artist Rowena Keaveny.

We researched A Creative Charter for Older People with older people. 

Spaces – Identity, Participation, Equality. 

Draft 1 - funded by The Community Foundation for Ireland, Advocacy for Older Peoples Fund.

Having actively been part of arts and health with socially driven practices since 2005 as artists the learning for us is to recognise when to step away to give the necessary time and opportunity for people to own their own processes, projects & artwork. It is not all about the artist but the individuals involved. It was published in a magazine format with pages that encouraged drawing and note taking as part of a powerpoint for mentoring workshops.   Rowena Keaveny & Julie Spollen

'Things are getting better, I think, can’t take our eye off the ball though, will need to keep a check up.''

'I was delighted to be involved, I'm proud of what’s happening, someones listening.'

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